Essential Piece Transportation

In 2020, AZACS acquired a grant to offer a shuttle services to students living the longest distances from our Central Phoenix Campuses. We wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with information regarding this limited transportation program.


The transportation program is grant-funded, which means that some aspects of our operations are subject to certain requirements. The requirements that most affect our families are as follows:

  1. We must prioritize families that are traveling the furthest distances from the AZACS Central Phoenix Main Campus and Early Learning Center. 
  2. We have a maximum capacity of 10 individuals per vehicle, including the driver and support staff on each vehicle. This allows for 8 students per vehicle. This limits the open spots on our routes.
  3. If there are more student applicants for a route than available spots, riders must be chosen by random lottery. Families that have their names on our transportation interest/waiting list are eligible to be chosen for routes or be in the lottery. 


Because our riders must be chosen at random and we have limited available spots, you must be added to our interest list so that you have a chance to ride. Here is the link to our interest form, for those who have not already filled it out:

Essential Piece Shuttle Service Interest Form

We will be finalizing locations for Shuttle Stops and times for our 2024-2025 routes at the beginning of July, and we will be drawing families from our interest list to fill available spots on our routes shortly after. Please keep a lookout for communication from us.

All communication regarding transportation services should be made directly to Essential Piece Transportation at 602-358-8002 or by email at